Then Point of No Return

No one knows how it all starts. Human relations are the most complex formations one can witness. It is an equation so dynamic, so unstable yet so necessary, we can only wonder if it is a boon or bane. The two relations which in my not so humble opinion are hardest to figure out are... Continue Reading →


My Very First Baking Class!

Hey people, You know I love baking if don't check that out here. I have to say my Achilles heel has always been eggless baking, and that poses a wee bit issue in the country I live. It is during my mid-semester and mid-midlife crisis (quarter life crisis if I may) That I found this... Continue Reading →

When Inhumanity Crossed Limits!

Children don't deserve to die. A child never dies alone but rather takes the parents with them. I am no parent but teaching these tiny humans like my own makes me feel a fraction of the bond which a parent has to their offspring. The World is becoming a dark, dubious and hostile place to... Continue Reading →

The Jimmy Shimmy

If you are a Bollywood aficionado or a music connoisseur or just a random guy who has ever danced in an Indian "Baraat" you will very well know what Jimmy Jimmy is. Introducing it officially 'Jimmy Jimmy' is a soundtrack from the Indian move Disco Dancer, sung by Parvati Khan in the year 1982 .... Continue Reading →

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