Then Point of No Return

No one knows how it all starts. Human relations are the most complex formations one can witness. It is an equation so dynamic, so unstable yet so necessary, we can only wonder if it is a boon or bane. The two relations which in my not so humble opinion are hardest to figure out are love and friendship. Standing apart, these two are the best things that can happen (much rather should happen) to a person. These are two worlds so similar but are meant to be kept apart. The trouble will start when they collide.

Raise your hands if you ever had that one person in your life, with whom you just want to fall in love so bad it hurts. But what you end up becoming are just friends, out of sheer compromise called ‘something is better than nothing’. We smile, laugh, spend quality time and do everything together. We become really close friends with them, apparently best friends as they call it. This all sounds so great, it feels like flying so high, but soon the glass ceiling smacks you right in your fucking face. Remember how she sat with her head on your shoulders talking and all you wanted was to kiss her bad. Remember that long romantic drive you had by the sea, which was almost perfect, the only thing missing was the exclusivity. It hurts you, tortures you while keeping you alive enough through bits and pieces so you can go through it all over again.

It feels like slapping yourself repeatedly, reminding to not cross the boundary. For you signed up to be ‘just friends’ while you do everything that lovers do. The suffering is silent for the one who can understand is actually the one causing. Not to mention the wrecking ball that hits you when it comes to discussion of their love life. Why don’t we just play you belong with me by Tay-Tay on their face.

While you are a friend you can always drop hints to help you, but beware of the point of no return. This is the point beyond which if you tread, there is no return. You can never go back to being just friends. There is no point of being that close, there is no point of being on the cliff forever. You can go back, but for that, you will never be able to forgive yourself. If you jump, you either drown or you survive. Either way, if you jump, you will be in clear, no doubts or questions left in mind.
This definitely is one of those ‘easy to preach than practice’ moment but do take it seriously. If you have crossed the point of no return, then it is better you let the truth be out, with a little time and circumstantial consideration though! Had that person be destined to be your friend, this would have not been the way you would have met. That person was there either to be what can be a reward or a test. In this constant search of stability, we define life as don’t let a storm of indecisiveness blast your cool into smithereens. For if you are meant to be, then you will be but if you are not, then the best you can do is to let yourself free.



4 thoughts on “Then Point of No Return

Add yours

  1. writing – 8
    perception – 9
    emotions – 10
    It was a perfect blend ; more of a “fire blizzard” for me, complex yet relatable.
    keep going.
    bless you.


  2. This is something which each every person has to face once in their lifetime. You portrayed it to well. The emotions, the flow of control was spellbound.
    God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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