The Jimmy Shimmy

If you are a Bollywood aficionado or a music connoisseur or just a random guy who has ever danced in an Indian “Baraat” you will very well know what Jimmy Jimmy is. Introducing it officially ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ is a soundtrack from the Indian move Disco Dancer, sung by Parvati Khan in the year 1982 . It is one of the iconic songs of Bollywood. The song has literally 3 lines of substance! No kidding! (FYI that is way less compared to songs back then, which were heavy on words), but does that matter? No! Cause this baby took the generation by storm. The movie was a hit by any standards not only in India but also around the world. To quote its popularity, “The film was a worldwide success, with its popularity extending across Southern/Central/Eastern Asia, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, and Eastern/Western Africa. It was one of most successful films in the Soviet Union, where it drew a box office audience of 60.9 million viewers. It was the first Indian film to cross ₹100 crore worldwide, making it the highest-grossing Indian film up until Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994). Disco Dancer established Mithun as a household name in Southern Asia and the Soviet Union. In China, the soundtrack was a success and received a Gold Certification Award.”

Now I am not the one that goes by the numbers but I do believe in visuals. There was a certain something that hit me right in the spot. I was totally unaware of the whole “Russia loves Mithun’ thing for a quite long time, but I uncovered some real jewels while I was searching for the song on  the Youtube!


I mean come on, It is already cute enough when white people speak Hindi, and too then see them doing it so well and recreating a whole scene from a Bollywood movie, the amount of fuzziness is too damn high. The way she is munching her words is quite note worthy, for her Hindi is nowhere broken or bad, it’s just slight accented, making it a more complete experience. What is also so good is that old lady’s (possibly a judge to what seems like a reality show) expression of sheer happiness and nostalgia. The comments on the video, which I can understand are full of love and amazement, just like I am. It is a rare sight to see such noble comments on Youtube. What troubles me is always the poor portrayal of a sari (nobody wears it that high!), but in there defense dancing in one is no cake. Letting that go, overall it is a fun video to watch if you love foreigners, them speaking Hindi and Jimmy Jimmy. Here is another one which I liked.

Now the name of this charming lady in the video sounds familiar (hello! Agrawal!) She sings what can be said a more auto-tuned and bedazzled version of the song, pretty much like her Lehenga but nonetheless still quite good.

There is a whole lot more to find and see. There are endless videos, ranging from small kids to fine young men shimmying to familiar tunes. Let us not quote this as cultural appropriation (which you might find lots in there) and let it slide and have a little laugh from this wonderfully local global world.


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