The ‘Inner’ Beauty- Part 2

First of all a big thanks to all the people who filled out the survey! Your data was quite helpful in giving me a deep understanding of this realm. I appreciate you took part in the survey, for it is not an easy to tell someone about your intimates, so a genuine thank you!

I like fashion and clothes, so does many. Your clothes tell a whole story about you, your choices and your wallet size (obviously!). And no doubt we all believe in inner beauty, I am no different on that. But there is one thing we all somewhat dismiss, that is the ‘inner’ beauty. So let’s study the ‘inner beauty’ a little more effectively!


Be comfortable- Hey it’s not sex we are talking, its clothes. I know intimate but yeah still clothes, so be calm and go through like an adult. (Boys! Stop giggling every time you hear panties). The discomfort around this whole agenda is what might lead only youth to be a part of this survey. 100% results were from age 18-25, so basically my friends!


Talk- it is important we talk as normally as we can about undergarments. It is integral clothing for us, so there should be no shame around it. Care should be taken to not grossly sexualise the poor thing out of proportions! Like this gentleman, “Depends on who the fuck is around me. You may need to make sexual gestures and sexual flirting is always a turn on”


DIY- as an Indian let me in on an open secret. “Not all buy our own underwear”. To be specific 1 in 5 people don’t buy their own undies (which sounds hilarious considering adults took survey) Lot of us just put it on the grocery list for our parents to bring for us. The possible reason

  1. Shame- Imagine the horror you are buying your intimates and someone you know walks in, maybe your crush (GASP). Oh what better way to avoid this whole construct than not talking responsibility.
  2. Lethargy- since they are never in limelight, one simply doesn’t care about them.
  3. Importance- One simply does not know the power or importance of a real good underwear, its revelation beyond the point of no return. Just like this fellow citizen quoted. “They maintain your dignity, outside the four walls of your house.” (slight exaggeration I smell here!)


Let’s start taking responsibility of our private parts. Family knows the best, but not that best, especially not in this case. Be bold to go your own shopping, buy something, and experiment with it. There is a lot to explore and to find out. There are a whole lot factors that cover in, Lets see how they stand on rankings

  1. Comfort – Well it reigns Supreme! And honestly why shouldn’t it. Someone rightly said (Well in the survey comments!), “Nice underwear is heaven’s gift!” Can I say amen to that!?
  2. Fabric- A close second, Another very important factor, as fabric play major role in comfort. Different seasons demand different fabric like lighter fabric in summers which should be more absorbent.
  3. Design– It is a versatile parameter. Some like their undies big and roomy, others, Well I quote, “Tiny! But cover MY PRECIOUS (it has to be a boy’s comment!)”
  4. Brand– Standing on 4th This parameter is more concerned to boys rather than girls, majority of girls just don’t care about brands.
  5. Colour– Well standing second from the lower end, this parameter is completely an luxury if speaking honestly but don’t let that restrain you from unleashing the rainbow on your ‘Netherlands . We all can use a little chromatic excitation in life after all.
  6. Looks- This had me in stitches, literally looks don’t matter! That’s just hilarious, Oh how the world has become so ideal in idolising the inner beauty! (continues laughing!)


Apparently there are a lot of junks in the trunks! Out weighing by almost twice, the trunks are the most popular design in men. In the XX (biology people!) counterpart it is bikini that reigns supreme. Ah! Well bikini rules the summer and beauty agents also.


Well, a lot was said and done, which is enough to get the buzz going! I would like to conclude this piece by a few honourable mentions that public had for underwears -:

“Tiny but covers MY PRECIOUS”

We all agree to that now, don’t we?

“They maintain your dignity, outside the four walls of your house.”

Talking about exaggeration!

“They’re only required during sports and periods. The rest of the time, ahh! let the cool air flow into vagina.”

*no comments*

“It’s high time we stop sexualizing it.”

Amen to that! Do like share and follow. Open up and let the world know and talk about the ‘inner’ beauty!


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