The War in Love

There is an eternal war that rages on in love. It is the war between beauty and brains. The people always say, beauty is not the only parameter one should consider while being with another person. Let’s agree on it. But then treating brains as the single most needed parameter for a relation sounds just as ridiculous to me.

My take!

What a person wishes to see in other half is never the same, not all of us are Intellecto-philes, lusting greedily on brains. Some people are not cut-out for the official brunches, the long discussions, the sorted life-ways. There are a fraction of people who are reckless, impulsive, they believe in the 2AM talks, the long drives, the sneaky kisses and the ‘little less conversation and a little more touch my body’ (A little ‘INTO YOU‘ reference). Now people always believe that it is inner beauty that only matters, why? Why is outer beauty so much bashed, why is that Blondes are bimbos, thick are slutty, booty is bad. Why is that dumb people are not considered relation worthy? Why is that we need to have real good deep conversations to work. If that is true… then silence is as golden as iron!

Materialistic and, profit driven relations might be wrong, but a pure relation between two ‘dumb’ people, or based on the so called ‘prettier’ thing should not be bashed. Why that is if beauty has no meaning then everybody has written on it. People say, “It is all about frequency right, whom you resonate with”. I agree to that only partially. It is true a lot of common things to talk to and common interests gives you a lot of space to grow your relation in, but there are times when people are poles apart, have nothing in common, fight like hell and in rare cases cannot stand each other are still madly in love with each other. The truth is, nobody knows who we fall in love with and more importantly why. People say those wicked smiles, hazel eyes (wink wink to the people who get this) and the way they make you feel won’t get you far in relation. But trust me they do, they really do, when all reasons and logic tell you that you are not meant to be together, it is those eyes that hold you, make you stay. Stay long enough to let the storm pass. After all in a communication it is the nor-verbal part which matters more. For there can be double- meaning words but never double- meaning emotions.

“When all reasons and logic tell you that you are not meant to be together, it is those eyes that hold you, make you stay”


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