Let’s get straight to the point, shall we! I am not a ‘touchy’ person who gets real offended by the slightest of joke. I might be considered on the unhealthier side of stereotyping people, but still I treat a joke (or a meme) the way it is supposed to be, lightly! But the cup is brimming and I just cannot contain it anymore. There is a certain class of meme that is making rounds on social media that has enraged me. The basic theme being the idea of ‘insulting’ someone by associating them to an ‘ugly’ girl in the picture. See the thing is, those women they are not ugly, your mindset is! I am a firm believer in beauty and have my own certain notions of beauty, but still I know how to respect all forms of body and beauty. Those memes are a gross and hideous display of grotesquely rigid norms of beauty the patriarchy still breeds. It is a very coward form of body shaming and racism. That in the picture is a living breathing, respect-worthy being. Life is already a pain for all of us, and my my! If you are not ‘normal’, all hell breaks loose for you. NO! The freedom of expression is a right not a weapon used to make someone a slave of their own insecurities. Just feel how appalling these women will feel (or must have already felt) when they find out that the photo they uploaded by their account (or any other source) are being used for such hate-crime.

Lesson time kids!!

There is a fine line between fat-jokes and fat shaming. A sane human with a decent sense of humour can very well take on all those jokes in a good manner, and who knows crack an ever better one than you did. The moment you cross line it’s not a joke, it’s an assault. Ask yourself, if that was your pictures and those comments were directed to you, would it still be that hilarious to you? Now people who think why am I honking when ‘these girls’ are not saying anything? My simple answer, cause I care, cause it is a grotesque image of how people around me are like, spinelessly coward hiding behind web, roaring as if lions. Is this the example we need to set for future, we are basically dismissing a huge population of demographic as ‘ugly’ just cause they do not conform to some ‘acceptable’ standards.

My Request!

We are all rational adults, or at least rational youth. It is high time we realise that let us stretch a joke only to a certain limit. What is sheer entertainment to you is a matter of confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, acceptance and humanity for rest. If you cannot do this, then please isolate yourself and your sick mentality before it infects others.


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