Life is a drag!


I really mean it,  what I say in title here. Life really is a drag, not the verb variety though, but the RuPaul variety. (That reference came into scene because of the recent follow of the Instagram page of that reality show.) Let me be a bit more clear to you on the latter one. ‘Drag’ by definition means someone who dresses up in clothes of the opposite gender for fun, often having a different persona/lifestyle for this dress up.

Real life might not be the oh so ‘SASHAY AWAY’ type of drag with extreme drama, extreme gender reversal get-up, extreme make-up and extreme hot naked guys or girls, but it still is what basically drag race is. It is an escape from everything, a mechanism to cope with the fact that you are not capable of everything. It is a lifelong reality full of makeup, masks, skins and attitude. It is a competition without judges, winners or wild card. All it has is losers and eliminations, loads of them. There is no winning in life, there is just survival, conquering challenges after other. That certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. It is fun, adventurous, emotional and a competition worth competing.

This makes me think and tell you, “either nothing is fake, or everything is fake”. That sounds contradictory right?! Well guess what! It is. This law is applicable in either meaning depending on what is the perception of that one human. For instance, I don’t believe in fake, so for me the first condition apply, which is that nothing is fake. Everything that we do is real, and that reality is a perception unique to every human on the earth. What all we consider fake is rather a cover, for all the insecurities, secrets and everything else we just don’t want the audience to see.  That cover is a personification of all our dreams, aspirations, desires and visuals we wish the audience to believe in. We are always expected to project a fierce image, a stance so intimidating that it leaves other in awe and fear of you. They say that is the law of jungle, be it tropical or concrete. You can’t let your wardrobe of pride, prowess and ‘larger than life’ presence malfunction. You cannot let anyone know that you are scared or insecure. This leads to the entire facade, the meaningless smiles, the empty stares, the mind-play and all that menagerie which makes the society a whole lot more dubious and less trust-worthy. Fact, this whole menagerie is not a hoax or a breach of trust. It is just that, we think we are nothing without all the ‘razzle and dazzle’; we are just afraid to left unseen and unheard. We just change our makeup, wigs and dresses in anticipation of pleasing the audience we face every day. Another point worth noting is,  what one says is rarely an opinion of their own, it’s mostly just a lip-sync of all the things people who mould their mindset say, framed in such a way so that it pleases all and self (the degree of both varying person to person). There comes rare times when you actually speak what your heart wants to say, which just might win hearts or get frowned upon. Basically everything you do will be governed by the fact that you have to win this race, no matter what! Little do we know, it is not the race that will end, it is you.

All what I said till now, makes it sound like a total bummer right?! Which at times it really feels like, but it not always is. On a positive note, it is a bunch of surprises for you to uncover. You never know what might turn up in front of you, giving you rush to uncover it all. It is a new experiment every day, and some people tend to live it that way. It is a war without weapons and the only thing you have to conquer is hearts and slay the game.

So live large, make a facade so mesmerising that the ovations echoes till eternity.


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