When we are young, mouldable, tiny wee souls, our parents nourish us, cherish us and make us the best they can. They impart us all those lessons of oral hygiene, etiquettes, moral values and stuff. They make a nice little concoction of all the goodness and make us gulp it down, pretty much like all the greens we have to eat to be the ‘superhero’ we see on television. I guess the only superhero they know is ‘layman’; and that’s what they try make us, and it’s not their fault after all no one comes to a pet store to buy a street tramp.

Bottom line, you are ‘trained’! Treated for good things and punished for bad. You are a proud participant of a 18 year ‘pedigree’ course, aiming to make you the blue ribboned champ. I know it seems grossly rude to compare ourselves to those well groomed critters, such injustice to them right?! After all, we are way worse, because they at least stay faithful to the owner.

What I believe is we are wild animals who are raised in a tamed environment for almost 18 years and then are left free to fend for our own, that being going into adulthood. Like those documentaries which we see on Nat-Geo channel, we are bred in a safe environment and when the time feels right, poof! The shackles are gone, the tiger is out in the wild, to go live the life it’s destined to live, no matter how much the sorrow of separation hurts the owners. Just like tiger released in wild recently is no better than an over-sized domestic cat, we also in our initial phase of this new-found freedom are, putting it humbly ‘a giant pussy’;. But soon the time passes and as you learn the rules of the jungle, the territorial battles, the quest of hunger, the hierarchy of predators and most importantly the game of courtship the jungles no longer seems like some alien terrain but more of a place where we actually belong.
And soon the wilderness within us unleashes, and we go through metamorphosis. It’s a complex transformation, similar to Laplace transforms. It can aptly be described as J (for jungle or junglee) transforms for now this creature’s dependence is more on complex and imaginary needs compared to real, simple physical needs, prior to transformation.
Now be careful, in initial stages of this new transformed life you often face situation where an inverse needs to be applied or you revert to the inverse stage, let us take example of say, going home in holidays during college.
Home, a nice warm, cosy, closed environment, with ample food that is yummy and healthy, with its rules and timings. Home, a place where many random people come and see you, and your master often exhibit you as a marvel trophy (yes, everyone does it, not only Sharmas). This sounds familiar right?! Of course it feels like a zoo, but in cases of really cool parents, who are rarer than Royal Bengal themselves, it just might feel like a wildlife sanctuary. It sure isn’t bad, but ever since one gets that taste of open fields, the enclosures just don’t cut it. Once you get the rush of being scared, of being in-charge, of being the predator, the prey, the star gazer, the wind chaser. There is no way you want to be tamed; atleast tamed forever. After all, it is wilderness which is our destiny and where we belong.


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