A lot more Amore!

There is just something about love that makes me write on it again and again. I fall in love every day. Well of course not all-day every day , but yeah I do fall and it is the best feeling ever. There are just a lot of people to love out there. Go! Love all you want and let them know, be a reason of someone’s smile or hope to go on in this dungeon of treachery and negativity. Find someone who makes you bring the best out of you. Do not hesitate of the ridicule or the fear of not getting the right response, just do your bit and destiny will do it’s. Go! Hug your parents, give your dog a belly rub, treat someone with no apparent reason, go on a walk with your friends, talk to that one person you always wanted to, pass a smile to a stranger. Do whatever you like but express that love! Let it not hide in the shadows. You don’t need to find ‘the perfect one’ when they all are. The key I feel to be in love is to surrender. Let the mind take a break; let us not care of all what might go wrong. Let us be prepared for the wrong and with gleam in our eyes look at all that is in store for us.

Pets, family, friends, significant other or just any other random person or thing, there is no telling who or what might sweep you by your feet. Well personal experiences tell me that happiness is not constant, there will be bad times or even worse, but trust is what will let you push through and happiness is what you will always find in the end. Trust I believe is made of what black holes are made of. It is such a small thing to say but carries immense weight in it. Trusting someone or self is a gamble always, a probability that has more failures than success. As you grow, no matter how much you feel prepared, trust is like that exam which has no fixed syllabus and no single correct answer.

For me trusting someone is easy, which is because I am simply naive. I hate to admit but I will that I would have been in a lot less pain or trouble had I been a bit more careful in whom to trust. A little cheat code helped me in recent times; let me share it with you. Trust people, let them in, but be in control of what you trust them for. The above code also applies when you put your trust on self too. Now, I trust some people to give me the space when I need it, but I don’t trust them when it comes to what I feel. This fragmentation of trust seems like a twisted idea but it works just enough to keep my love engines going. Now that trust is up and running, we need to break a myth more that hinders people when they try to fall in love. The biggest myth created in case of love is ‘happily ever after’. See neither you need that person to be your happily ever after okay! And nor do you need it to be ever after! Love is eternal and beyond time I agree, but it never means you have to express it all to one single entity out there. There is no point of being together if there is no love. Why hold on when you can let go. It is the right thing to do. It’s okay to acknowledge the fact that the level of intimacy that bond had now does not exist, but forcing into thinking it still has would just sever it more. Just go out and give space, let that relation heal on itself, all you can do is hope for best and prepare for the worst. Meaning does not only lie in those long, ever-lasting relations. Some relations are very small, insignificant so to say but they too have a lot to offer in them. Let us not compare love ever, be it long term or short, physical or intellectual, Intimate or long distance, family or friends, humans or nature, straight or gay, unspoken or well acknowledged. Love is love, it still has the same essence in it, all other things we do or say or feel are just what our earthly vessels try to do to manifest that essence into this reality.


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