The Inches I love

The title of this piece of writing automatically orients your brain down south, right! Well you are heading in the right direction, but just skip a few stations and go real down. Now you must have reached to the feet, it must be baffling for you, what have feet got to do with inches. My dear friend! Feet (but not everyone’s) have something made just for them. This wonderful item is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. This item is none other than the Queen of footwear, the High Heels, or simply Heels. The history of Heels have been quite twisting. Originally meant for men, these were the status symbol for Lords of France as they depicted superiority and standing taller than other, but soon they earned a bad name (French Revolution anyone) and went out of the picture. Jumping to early 20th century, they went in and out of fashion. As the 90’s roared in, so did the heels,  and real soon they descended into the lives of everyday women, and probably in the hearts of everyday men. Now one can wiki for more info, let me come back to my ‘rainbow vomiting’ for heels.  High heels are like, say Pitbull (not the Mr Worldwide one!) or Rottweiler. They are loyal, vicious and oh so savage! You are the only one who they listen to, and at your one go, can rip a guy out (like they ripped me). But beware; an animal of such potential need a real confident woman to be their master. You have to show them who is the boss, or they just might attack you! But in the end they are loyal, lovable and widely popular, like puppies. Heels make an excellent remedy for holding that perfect posture. I mean, tell me once when you have seen someone standing sulkily in heels? That stance, that walk, that confidence oooooooooooh, get me a chair before I faint. Heels are underline to your sentence; they are the double inverted commas to your quote. It gives you that drool-worthy walk, pronounces your body figure, it takes you from ‘Regular coffee’ to ‘Cafè latte’ , transforms your “feet dragging” into ‘”slay-mama” walk’ (am I even allowed to do that (nesting double quotes), lemme know in comments). Here also, the size doesn’t matter to me, be it  4 inches or a whole foot high, be it  classic peep-toed stilettos or Alexander McQueen’s ‘lobster-claw’ heels, they all are real jewels. The biggest gift high heels give is gait. A gait so mesmerising, it transcends you into a place of euphoria. Did you know that Marilyn Monroe used to keep her one heel a bit shorter than the other so as to maintain that signature walk she walked.

The women in my life and on my screens are somewhat similar to those guys performing Parkour on telly. These ladies just make wearing heels look so easy, which I believe, is not. Once a lady (not quite much!) friend of mine said, ” Ask a woman what hurts, and the answer won’t be love, it would be heels”. Medically also they harm calf muscles and lower back, if in prolonged use. That is what makes them wearing heels a whole lot more appreciative. I mean to look at those flawless chariots these goddesses glide on like it’s no big deal. The sheer shapes, designs and versatility of high heels in them hold a special place in my heart, but that is nothing compared to  the place they have when these heels  have a real confident woman attached to them. I never really wanted to wear heels, and now why would I? No good reason comes to me but I simply cannot imagine a life without them. High heels are love and so is the one wearing them. I don’t care if they cannot cure cancer or land a man on moon, but they do cure my sore eyes and take me to cloud nine, and that is all what matters (well! to me)!

So do you love some accessories real good, like the way I love heels? Do let me know in the comments.


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