Fathoming the Phantom

Humans are blessed to have the capacity to believe in a whole lot of intangible things, making this world a whole lot fun (and pain in the double bubble) for us. Some sound absolutely ridiculous but do exist; like, say, yeah! Like ‘fried ice-cream’. Conversely there are things which sound perfectly normal to us but do not exist. The whole reality what we have is a huge projection of juices that flow in our noggin.  This article is here is me describing the phantoms, people often consider as ‘existing’. Mind the word ‘I’, which basically tells that this article is an interpretation of my projection to reality (Caution- Heavily subjective writing ahead!) I know! The possibilities are just endless, of what all can be on the list. To take care of this issue, the items on this list are things which I see or hear about in my general life.

  1. Three Best Friends– There are a lot of memes and posts that celebrate this thing called ‘three best friends’. But the fact is that how can there be three best friends! I mean that how can three persons be on the same level of friendship or have the same thinking pattern, when taken two at a time. It is possible to have two best friends, no doubt, even though that too is rare due to the only constant in life (which is change by the way). Three are simply impossible. Three people can certainly be good friends. They can certainly be real close, but in the end if it comes to choosing, no matter how hard it gets (seems impossible at times), the loyalty to one will be more than that to the other. I rest my case!
  2. Symmetrical Friendships– Friendships are a wonderful thing. They have to be mutual else that bond has no meaning.  Now I agree that feelings exist on both sides but then they are never of the same magnitude. There always exists a gap in magnitude of amiability between two people. A gap too wide renders their friendship useless. To one person friendship becomes a constant pain of having a ‘clingy person’ and to the other it causes a feeling  of being left out or used. We all have felt either way in all of our friendships at some point, and that’s fine (I guess). Real friendship is not about putting up a facade of how we are like peas in a pod but it’s more like how well you know your differences and work together to reduce them to a desirable level.
  3. One ‘person’ Person-When I see people be all wide eyed, gleaming and saying in the most annoyingly sweet tone ever “I am a one man/woman man/woman”  (you are welcome to select any permutation, after all love has no gender right!!), the only reaction that comes to me is, “Oh puhleez! Who are you kidding?” I mean we are Seven billion in numbers, and trust me had we been made for this idiotic concept, there wouldn’t have been 7 billion. I understand that no person will ever make you feel the same way he/she did (or still does), but that doesn’t mean they were the best you can get or the one made for you. Hello! We are talking of people here, not custom haute couture. If a person is unable to find someone, it is because either they are being plain lazy or destiny has something else for them. This whole concept is a pathetic cover-up made by people who don’t toil to find a better person to be a part of their life.
  4. One True Love– In conjunction to the previous point, this one follows suit. Love again is something beyond our scope, so just go with the flow. Everything is destined, agreed but nobody said that destiny cannot change, they very well can. There is nothing that is constant in life, so why destiny or lover be constant. The degree of love may vary, but it still is love, unless you are stupid enough to think compatibility as love.
  5. A life with no regret-The only fear one has while taking any decision is that they might regret it in the future. The line, “I regret nothing in my life” is a lie! Boy let me get this straight; you regret almost everything that happens to you, especially when you are low. Regret is like a sine function, the intensity varies between maximum regret and no regret (Okay! Not sine, rather absolute of sine, since regret cannot be negative!), so at one point you may feel and say, “My life has no regrets.”, to which my reply will always be, “Just wait and watch!”. Having regret is not a bad thing, but it hampering you is bad. It’s natural to question what might have happened if the things would have been done differently (Alternate life!), especially when your chosen path sucks.
  6. Secret between two people-This one gets me cracked up every single time. Nobody, and when I say nobody I mean nobody can keep secrets. It is against basic human nature. Gossiping has always been seen in a bad light, cause people apparently think it is the reason secrets are spilled. Let’s just agree to disagree on it. Gossip by far is the most advanced, fast, reliable and useful form of communication serving mankind right now. It is the sole reason we know so much about each other, and is an oh-so-powerful binding force, for love connects two souls but gossip connects a million. The basic syntax to spread anything like a wildfire is to add ‘Please do not tell this to anyone!’ and voila, it’s front page news! Not even best friends keep your secret, but since they care about you they tell it in most doctored and boring way possible, so the next person just might lose interest. The best way to keep something a secret is not telling it to anyone, and by anyone I mean not even a single living soul on earth. Remember this the next time you open your trap to let some sauce out.
  7. Unconditional hatred-Love is a well discussed topic in my previous blogs, you can read it here. I truly believe that unconditional love can exist, but here the symmetry need not be present. Hatred, is a causal emotion, meaning it is not manifested on its own, it needs a cause for that. There has to be something negative fed to you about someone in order to hate them. Mind me! Do not confuse yourselves between unfriendliness and hatred. Unfriendliness means you don’t feel a bond of friendship towards them and hatred is when you have negative feelings towards them. Consider the ‘Mufasa-Scar Cliff Stampede situation’ of the Lion King. You are scar and a random person X is Mufasa clinging to the edge, shouting for help. Unfriendliness would have been if you would have walked away, totally numb to whatever might have happened to that person, for that person doesn’t matter; but hatred is when you do  what actually happened in the movie. But the bottom point being, there always is a reason involved in hate. So if anyone ever says they just hate someone unconditionally, it is either that they are too ashamed of telling the reason, or they are just going along with the mob in hating that person (personal experience!).


So do you agree with me? Is there anything I might have missed or something extra you would like to add? Let me know in comments.


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