House-party happiness

Life is fun when you are an extrovert. Being with people is not just a luxury but it is more like a higher calling. It is your destiny to drag the people out of their cozy shells and give them a taste of the “new thang” which you are. Party is not just an event, but is a ritual to us.  House-party is an extremely intimate form of gathering for us, often sacred and restricted only to the most closest of the souls. House is not just a building, but it is a part of you, it is your horcrux basically (minus all the dark stuff  behind it). House-party is like a step further than the regular party. When you call someone to a party you just invite them to it, but when you call someone to a house party, you call them into their life. you want them to see a more intimate part of you and you want them to be a part of it. I know it sounds dead cheesy but that how it is right!!! You just don’t let anyone in your house (plumbers and those guys aside), that person needs to be special or you need to be that vain to just show it off (house too needs to be spectacular). Letting you in on a little secret here! I am a party animal. Partying isn’t something which I just like, I love it. Such occasions are not only a good time to be with others but a also a great time to express ourselves and just be what we want to be. I may be a party animal but my level of partying may not be that hardcore- booze, rave all night types cause –

  1. I don’t drink, as of now. It’s something by choice and I am lucky enough to have people who totally respect this fact.
  2. People around are not exactly keen on “going wild” in parties, I already have enough footage to bring whatever is left of my decency crashing down.
  3. As of now, Time-wise and money- wise, I can not exactly afford to go on parties like this, especially on regular basis.

I had a glorious past, of partying and hosting stuff. That solely being due to the fact that I had chill parents, who are pretty much used to live in any sort of wreckage now. Partying crazy like those ads never come in question, when you live in a society like mine. So I had to do the only logical step possible, Improvise or much rather compromise. The basic plan starts always with an idea of party popping up in my mind, or in anyone else’s. The occasions can be real meaningful, like birthdays or any other anniversary which demands a celebration. At times the occasions can be as vague as “because I want to wear that goddamn shirt”. Nobody cares of occasion much as long as a party happens. Then comes the pre-planning, it’s like teaser to the actual form that whole idea will take. This stage is an extreme pain when you are not the only host but is literally a breeze when you reign supreme. It is right time to mention the fact that from this part on we will move forward with the whole idea keeping in mind that our final result will be a house-party. The club parties and other, non “homey feeling” parties are not worth mentioning, cause they pose not much challenge. The end result has to be a house party, so following has to be kept in mind while now chalking out all the other parameters, after the pre-planning. The first being guest list.  The amount of guest you can invite is directly proportional to the distance of venue from home. We being the best judge to our capabilities, and that of our support staff know how many people max are invited. Selecting the guest involves a whole lot complex algorithmic, iterative and response- based procedure, So as to create a perfect guest list which is short enough to keep you and your social life both at peace.

Next thing that comes is deciding exactly how much of your house will be access granted and what will be off limits. When it is a intimate gathering with your close friends, basically whole house is eligible for exploitation, but as the intimacy factor decreases, the access gets restricted to mainly dining and drawing hall. Next and final thing has to be food, that needs not much explanation after all parties only mean free food to half of homo sapiens out there. After all this comes the day of party , which either goes real smooth, if goes by plan. If your stars aren’t lucky enough, then it is a hassle, but still worth it. This is officially where party ends, but the work still goes, like cleanup, dues clearance and if real lucky then gift unwrapping.

This was all the “knowledge type stuff” now let’s get more personal from here. House party are a pain in the double bubble for me, but I can’t seem to get enough of them. There is something that makes me invite all my good friends to my home, cook them something nice and have a little heart to heart or ear to ear. It’s high time to spill another little dirty secret that most of the time I just do it for myself. I am addicted to this, cooking for other people, hosting gathering. This is my bit in the battle against the growing “don’t care” cold era of social networking. I always love to rise to the challenge, of cooking and being the perfect host. The one thing I often do is have most of the mis-en-place and pre-cooking done all by myself, and when guests arrive we all sit around dining table assembling it all, which acts as a great bonding activity and I don’t miss out on any fun. Sure it gets more messy, arduous and expensive at times but who cares as long as guests are happy. I also liked being in charge of party when we had guests over or my mum had her party, cause my family is never that keen on all this stuff, but when they do it, no stone is left unturned. I remember when I had my first all-boys birthday party, it was a house party. The reason was not that I was close to them, but I just had like 4 or 5 of them coming. That party was the zenith of my house party experience, especially culinary wise. Never had I known, my busy-bee parents would not only be at level but leave everyone behind with their food game, with much labour put in by my lovely “dim-lighted” servant (who is an essential part of our household). We had burgers, Footlongs, Mojitos, Manchurian, Noodles and what not, all home-made. That one party inspires me till this day. Till this day I believe that there is no better way of socialising than having a nice house-party and home-cooked food.


Do you have similar experiences, Do share them in comments below.


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