The Compatibility Conundrum

The Human race, as a species never ceases to amaze me.We are so apart from all other fellow creatures that it feels as if we were not evolved from primitive creatures,  much rather introduced here from a whole other universe. Being student of Electronics Engineering I get the chance to be the closest spectator of how technology went from 0 to 100 in less than a century. The rise of digital and logic era changed our lives in such a way, that now it is impossible to go back! But the one thing that worries me is, how, we are so consumed in finding a reason , a cause, a logic in everything that we don’t appreciate the mystery of life. We are so absorbed in finding the whats, the hows, and the whys that we overlook  the beauty of things. The logic and calculation have occupied so much space in our mind, the profit and loss have driven us so mad, we leave no space for human emotions, especially love.

Love has always been a muse of many, including me!. It is the most intangible thing out there, the least explained, and yet the most written about. No mortal being is above love. Words can’t seem to explain what love does to any human being, that makes it whole lot difficult for me to write about it  here.  It is not just the “kissy kissy boy girl” love that intrigues me, but it is that inexplicable connection of souls, be it any relation, is what gets me wondering. It is beyond my and anyone else’s understanding that how this whole “feelings” system work, and that’s completely fine. Now that we are more into finding answers and physics behind the things, it gets more complex to digest the fact, that we don’t know how Love and feelings work.  We are so obsessed to be in control of things or being aware of them that, this intimidates us. Humans feel a lot of things and from what I have observed is that as the feeling progresses from negative to positive, it gets more and more intangible. Greed, jealousy or sadness are more easy to comprehend and express  than generosity, happiness or contentment. This is what drives most of us crazy, to let something get control of us,  it gets unacceptable for us to feel what we are feeling. The only “logical” solution we find to curb this issue is to bury all that human emotion under a whole lot facade of logic and calculation. I myself feel that as I have grown up, the negativity has risen more than the positivity in me, and that basically is due to the fact that I too, at times am afraid to feel things I can’t explain, or even if I want to feel them, society will never let me. But the one thing that has never changed is my fascination with love. If all nice feelings are levels of a game, then love has to be the boss. It feels great to be in love, it has power to bring hope in catastrophe, it has power to heal a person physically and mentally. The power it has is immense, abundant and all so powerful, like a billion fusion reactions!. No one knows where it comes from or how it is strong enough to make or break this whole world. This power fascinates some and some are terrified of it, which basically segregates the people into two categories.

First category consist of people like me, who basically are believers of love. We are totally chill with the fact that it is something beyond the scope of our understanding, but who care, carpe diem right!. Let us enjoy it the way it is, let us love and be happy. We  feel no need to go deep down and have a full scale analysis as to why it is happening and how do I control it. We might get betrayed or heartbroken, but our belief in love is what keeps us going, cause we know that no matter how much it hurts, once it happens again, it will heal all and happiness will rule. The next categories comes of sceptics or the realists. These people are like those semi-evil people who try to capture what is out of their tiny potential, like that Russian lady in Indiana Jones movie. These people cannot seem to digest the concept of love. To them it seems stupid and useless because they do not want to let something undefined control them. They try to equate feelings to material, or treat it more like a profit-loss condition, rather than a pious relation.

Though I personally don’t like the second category, but I can’t seem to help that many (actually most) of my friends belong to latter category ( I smell Karma!). The majority of earth population is actually belonging to the second category, not many are stupid enough to be in the first one. To be honest, I don’t hate the sceptic ones, for  the world needs both, one to progress the race and other to remind that we are human, not machine. But the one concept that these idiots made, which is totally absurd, has to be the concept of “Compatibility”.

I heard on the net someone say basically that ” compatibility is a *expletive* (I do not actually like to cuss much, at least not here).  That is something that resonates with me, after all we are humans and not machines, and it is love not some file transfer between PC, that it requires compatibility. Compatibility is now so much in trends that half of people when now go into relationship, they say they did it because they were “compatible” with each other.  Even though I feel bad but I am not surprised that these people don’t work out in long run, or even in short run for some cases. The reason of the failure is quite simple. They did not fall in love with that person, they did not feel that bond which transcends the barriers imposed by the sedentary lifestyle of today, but rather they just chose a person with whom they had common enough parameters so as to be “together” and exhibit stuff that shows as  if they are “in  love”. Love is something that happens to us, not something that we create. When two people fall in love, it’s not their choice, the only choice they have is either let the person know and be ready for all the challenges that comes ahead, for love will give you the strength to overcome each one of them or better keep your mouth shut and let it be an unspoken beautiful love , full of what-ifs and might-bes . Compatibility is just a pseudo relation of two extremely similar people, having an intimate connection , which often lacks that depth, that madness which makes the relation last longer. The relation will have things like maturity, understanding, and maybe physical intimacy when it comes to compatibility. But the things lacking in it will be the madness, the spontaneity, the surprises, the zeal, the feel of conquering, the “discovering something new ” feel all those things which never comes when the person in front of us is chosen by us and not by “something or someone superior”

The basic motive of me writing this particular piece of writing is to remind people, that no matter which side you are on, the romantics or skeptics, when it comes to love, trust, yourself or the higher powers. I ain’t no saint or any “love expert” , I am just a hopeless lover of love. All my life experiences led me only to one fact that, no matter how hard it gets in any relation, no matter how many times the heart breaks, no matter how much scared you are to take that leap of faith once again, just do it. Love has the power to turn things around, and whenever it happens, the feeling you get, compatibility comes nowhere near it. Be the hopeless lover the world needs, you won’t regret it.


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