Crack that shows!

I don’t think I will be wrong in saying that the most liked item of clothing has to be denim jeans. It is a remarkable piece of clothing, considering it transcended the barriers of time, gender, economic status, class and customisation. Even though personally I am not that huge of a fan of denim jeans, but I cannot deny the fact that a right pair of jeans is more precious than gold. those babies are almost as versatile as Meryl Streep herself , are more long lasting than Her Royal Majesty and are as timeless as Amitabh Bacchan. It is the go-to clothing and is a must have in any wardrobe. Choose your jeans more wisely than your life partner, because nothing hurts more than a pair of bad denims. Now before you go into believing that some big denim brand wooed me into writing this, I actually am writing about them to highlight a hidden evil in the society, an evil that is lurking free among us, a evil that is victimising the innocent lives and is silently killing all the innocence and humanity of the world. The evil that rose to power with the fall in waist height of Denim Jeans. It is the most despicable evil ever, it is the ” crack that shows”. This spiteful parasite, hiding in humble denims can spring up on anyone, not giving you time to prepare yourself against it. You can never unsee it. It creates an situation so awkward, for both victim and host, enough to make the host an social outcaste, or to destroy the closest of relation.

Okay!, if you are still not able to understand the “evil” here, let me tell you in simple words. The “evil” here is simply the people’s posterior that plays peek-a-boo, in an unpleasant way, when they bend in low waist jeans, or just wear them really low. Now it’s not something I, or anyone basically hunts for( unless that anyone is a perv!) , nor is the case that I don’t like human butt, I do, after all it is a wonderful little(not in certain cases) piece of muscle and fat, which has a lot of purposes, be it useful like provide cushioning while sitting, or provide surface for hypodermic injections or more rated “R”ecreational like twerking. The sad reality being, not everyone has a “perfect” butt. Neither all girls can have a booty like JLo ( Jennifer Lopez) , nor guys can have that one hell of a hiney that Ronaldo and his fellow footballers have. But it is totally fine not to have them, after all not everyone can have everything. I being a believer in body positivity am totally in support of embracing, and if one wants to, then showing off what they have, good or bad, toned or drooped, hairy or not. The only issue I have is, showing it in the worst possible way, that being it peeking out of your blue jeans, that too unintentionally. It make my eyes burn, if I accidently catch a glimpse of one. I really feel the urge to alert that person, but being in the sheer fear of being typecasted as a weird pervert, I simply don’t and let the person and myself suffer silently. This evil also brings out a bigger problem that is present,  most of not wear nice undergarments. We take this humble piece of clothing for granted, totally overshadowing how important is for us. Not like that I expect everyone to be wearing exotic lingerie or those utter expensive Calvins. Simple normal underwear are just fine and comfortable, after all its a personal clothing, but a little caution and sensibility should be exercised . It is a personal piece of clothing , not private, other can see it at times, so make sure they are clean and maintained, unlike the tatters which I have seen.  Dare not accuse me of a pervert, I am an aficionado of fashion and hence be it any type of clothing, it always has my interest, the person is generally out of question.

Not to sound extremely orthodox, but I for one have always preferred pants and jeans which are fastened at the waist, just like good old times. Now I can’t seem to find even a single jeans which is not low waist, which makes it a whole lot frustrating when shopping for denims (Damn you trend- influenced sales). I don’t have any particular hate towards low waist jeans, but it’s just that people do not look nice in those saggy low hung jeans. Those back pockets which hang as low as lower thigh disgusts me, I mean how can one wear it that way. The ones disagreeing might try to use the weapon of comfort and choice. The same old thing that how “it’s not fashion but comfort that matters”, and that “it is totally my choice what I wear”.  People who say that should be photographed from behind and be given a treat of their own back view, maybe then they would understand why I don’t like it, and why I am writing about it. All I am saying is that keep a little sense while dressing up, like tuck your vest firmly, wear nice undergarments, or let the shirt be of a length that even if you bend, things don’t peek. Wear something that comes as a comfort both to you and the eyes of others, after all dressing up well does not only makes you look good but also help in having a better personality. Also the fact world would be better world if people bare their soul rather than….well you know!  So to all the beautiful people out there, come join hands and lets ward off this evil, and hide every “crack that shows”.



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  1. You Dummy XD. Your animosity filled rant on butt-cracks is hilarious, and you make some very good points, but the human body is a natural thing. Chill pup. 😛

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