I’m so into INTO YOU

Owing to an explanation of the title, this is a rather odd piece of writing on my obsession with one particular song, Into you by Miss Ariana Grande, which continues till date.  I never was a big fan of Ariana Grande, due to the fact that she has shrilly and often irritatingly squeaky vocals and a ‘trying too hard to be sexy’ thing going on. She oddly reminds me of the little girls who sneak into their mother’s boudoir and put on all the makeup and try to act all grown up. The idea of finding her hot or the fact that guys at my hostel lust over her seem to give off ‘paedophile vibes’ to me, owing to her childlike face and size.

Anyways sadly miss Grande never made much of an impact on my mainly Lady Gaga dominated playlist until one fine night when I was on my usual rounds through the corridors of feline fantasies, commonly referred to as cat memes, in the magical kingdom of Youtube. Somewhere between the mind-numbingly cute kitten videos was a suggestion titled “Ariana Grande- Into You”, and succumbing to my utter curiosity in pop culture( evident from the references throughout) I apparated myself from the world of “AWWW” to “YAASS”.  Never had I imagined that night to be such a milestone in my life, hyperbolically speaking.

The video started and as the song played on, I thought,” it’s okay-ish!!” but as soon as the song burst into its chorus, I was gone. the song took me by the storm. The heaven unleashed on me as my ears climaxed to perfection. The lyrics were pure gold, it was a love at first bridge. The lyric that caught my attention the most and got me hooked on it was ” a little less conversation and little more touch my body”. Fun fact, till now people who have heard this song, even without all the attention it deserves, have been seen to hum that particular lyric or the whole chorus. That chorus, especially that phrase hacked my mind and was everywhere, be it in my writings, ringtones, flirting or my Whatsapp status.

The song is a typical “good girl wanna do bad things” type song, which is a great relief from my usually grossly sexualised and expletive-laced pop songs. The upbeat tunes, just the perfect amount of auto-tune(not a critique of that) and a beautifully my type of love story description helps it carve a niche in my heart. The song almost had a Bollywood type of love going on in it. You know! that ‘a little unsure, a little confusing yet thrilling, rainbows, sunshine and that “us against the world” type love’.  But it was just the right amount of physicality and intimacy that made it perfect “summer- love” song, which it could have easily been, had Chainsmokers not dropped Closer, for which I will never forget that duo.

Coming to the video, it was a basically just a filter of pink colour and  lot of canoodling and “coochie-coo” and “kissy-kissy” around in deserted areas and typical American motels. Now that much of sweetness is fatal for a person who comes from a family with a history of diabetes combined with traces of blood pressure and psychosis. Yet somehow with that song playing in the back, it all comes into a perfect little harmony and make a beautiful little story out of the video.  I have to give bonus points to the director for those slow takes , with Ms. Grande flowing her hair in a divine manner and the sun complementing her perfectly. I have to say in this video, Ariana really knew how to make a guy weak in his knees and be jealous of that hazel-eyed hunk getting all cosy with her. I had a few doubts by the end like was she in love with her bodyguard?, who was that other guy? was she cheating on that ken doll kind of guy with that hunk bodyguard guy? The thought that ‘Bellini’ drink must have put quite a money in this video also crossed my mind, by the gross product placement ( a placement still better than what our college has to offer) it enjoyed in the video. In the end, it was something I was willing to watch again, and again. Sigh!! Such perfection comes rarely in my life.

The song came in like a wrecking ball and wrecked my whole playlist and claimed the coveted “play on loop” title. The obsession to this song has gone this far that whenever any one of my crushes walks past me( yes there are more than one, do not judge) this song starts playing up in my head and I imagine a whole ‘oh so perfect!’ love story around it. The song has been my a constant partner in every pedestrian journey I embarked on from the day I heard it. It basically was the reason I chose to abdicate my vehicular privileges while going to college. I chose to walk alone to places so that I could have to paraphrase the lyrics ‘a little less conversation’ and a little more imagining my perfect little imaginary love life.


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