A Whole New Beginning

When you turn 20 years old, it hits you like a wrecking ball. It’s an odd realisation, that you are already a third of senior citizen, and the worst part is that you are not a teenager anymore. Though there are no physical changes to be seen, which actually makes it a whole lot scarier. When we are young and we used to see all those grown up people, I for one used to think “My! such big people and their all big, sorted and independent life, must be some fun.”. Now that I am that big person, turns out life is really big but not at all sorted. You just get so used to all the chaos and calamity in your life till this point in life that now when things seem to go perfectly fine and as planned, its feels almost too sinister.

I too being a victim of adulthood, am just rowing my boat in  the sea storm, in hope of land, just like all adults out there. I seem to have an extra disadvantage that,  I overthink things. I can literally write “making mountains out of mole hills” on my resume. That Combined with tons other “personal” factors make it quite rough to carry on normally. A lot of steam builds inside, which needs a proper outlet else disaster will happen.

So this blog, Specs & the city is that valve, to let everything I want to actually talk about or things I actually want others to hear. Even if no one cares, I just want to put it all out there, in hope of some clarity in mind, or just make space for new mess. I ain’t interested in the politics, sports or all those “adult” stuff. My life is focused mainly on love, food, fashion and all little insignificant things. all those things which make me, well me!

A final note to all the lovely readers out there, hope you enjoy these little pieces of my mind and heart. Do  apologize for some errors and forget not to share your experiences, cause one sided communication is no fun!

So cheers and continue enjoying the madness called life.


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